Fish Feed Production Line

From:BEDO MACHINERY Date:2017-03-07

Extruded fish feed production can be divided into 4 stages:
◆ preparation of feed mixture
◆ extrusion processing
◆ after-extrusion treatment
◆ packing of the final product

Cleaned and dried raw material is supplied to weighing machine.

The components of the mixture are fed to the crusher.

Mixture is dosed together with the other components according to formulation and fed into the mixer.

Ready raw material is transported into operational hopper and then enters the extruder.

The mixture is continuously fed forward by extruder shaft. 

When the mass enters extrusion zone, thermal treatment improves biochemical indices.
This process takes place of benign conditions to preserve the quality of protein and vitamin supplements.

Due to the instantaneous change of pressure a uniform granule is discharged from the die. Its size depends on the diameter of the outlet openings of die and the length is defined by speed of knives.

Further processing depends on the product formulation.

It may be:
◆ cooling
◆ drying
◆ applying additional fat granule
◆ applying flavors
Ready feed is transported for packaging and storage.

BEDO provides you with the highest level of support in choosing the equipment in accordance with selected recipes for your fish feed line.

You can buy a complete set of equipment from the same manufacturer.
You control the quality of the ready product.

You can select any recipe for your fish feed and we choose the right equipment for you.

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