Wood Drum Chipper

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The drum chipper is used for processing wood logs or tree branches into 20mm-40mm wood chips for various wood products industries and plants. Known as wood cutting machine, wood chipper belongs to wood processing equipment series. Wood drum chipper is widely used in particleboard mill, medium or high-density fiberboard factory, biomass power plant, wood pellet plants and other industrial production factories. 


The raw material is wood logs, timber harvesting, processing residues (such as branches, twigs, planks, logs cores, waste veneer, etc.), it can also be used for cutting non-wood materials (such as sugar cane, reed, bamboo, etc.).


This wood chipper machine is made up of machine body, knife roller, the upper and lower feed roller, conveyor belt, hydraulic system.

The machine adopts high strength steel plate welded together, is the supporting basis of the whole machine.
Install two or three, four flying knives in the knife roller. Using the fly-knife bolt specially manufactured to fix these fly-knives on the knife roller through the pressure block. According to different thickness of cutting materials, the upper feed roller can fluctuate within a certain range with the aid of hydraulic system. Qualified wood chips fall down through the sieve holes, and are discharged from the bottom; large wood chips will be cut again within the machine.
Hydraulic System: for by the oil pump to the fuel tank, you can start the cover for easy blade replacement; can lift the upper feed roller assembly when maintenance, easy to adjust throwing knives, the gap of dead knife and dismantling of the comb plate.


Model BD-BX215 BD-BX216 BD-BX218 BD-BX2113
Inlet size(W*L) (mm) 170*430 240*540 310*700 400*700
Blades number (pcs) 2 2 2 3
Knife roller speed 
590 590 590 420
Max. Diameter (mm) 170 200 300 380
Woodchips size (mm) 25-35 30-35 25-35 25-35
Capacity (t/h) 3-5 5-8 12-15 25-30
Main motor power (kw) 37 55 110 220
Feed roller motor power 
3+3 3+4 3+4 7.5+7.5
Oil pump motor power 
1.5*1 1.5*1 1.5*1 3*1
Weight (kg) 3200 4300 7000 11800
Outline Dimension
1540×1240×1420 2000×1900×1650 2670×2150×1900 3670*2517*2050
Conveyor motor power 
3 3 4 7.5

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